Theresa MacLean, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

A wide range of modalities allows naturopathic doctors to develop treatment plans that address not only the physical aspect of a person, but also the mental and emotional aspects. The naturopathic therapies are all based on the same principles, they all assist the body’s healing response, and they are often more effective when combined.

Naturopathic doctors use a range of different therapies to address a patient’s physical, mental and emotional health. The therapies used assist the body’s healing response and they are often more effective when combined.

Therapies offered:

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition Therapies
  • Lifestyle Counselling
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Botanical Medicine
    and more…
Berwick Location:
Tuesday & Thursdays
9 am – 5 pm
Middleton Location:
9 am – 5 pm
By appointment only